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We provide global services in Information Technology, Training, and Consulting. We are open to C2C and various mutually beneficial relationships where we can collaborate anywhere in the world with individuals, businesses, or governments. We know technology and bring interdisciplinary experience.

Prof. Alex O. Akpodiete


Prof. Alex O. Akpodiete is the CEO/Senior Cybersecurity Analyst & Researcher for Atawa Technologies LLC, with offices in US, Dubai UAE, and Abuja Nigeria.

His work focuses on issues of end-user education, data science, data protection/cybersecurity, pen testing, ethical hacking (red, blue, purple teams), cyber forensics and compliance for organizations. His research interests include cybersecurity leadership challenges, data protection, business continuity and disaster recovery planning, prevention of ransomware and effective use of data science in enterprise security. He is also responsible for developing and running certification trainings, executive courses, workshops, and high-level conferences internationally.

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Data Management & Cyber Security Services | Data Classification & Analysis Services | Metaverse Services Provider | Computer Systems & Communication Equipment Software Design | Education & Training Computer Software | Data Entry Services | Cyber Risk Management Services | IT Infrastructure | Cloud Service & Datacenters Providers | Information Technology Network Services | Computer Systems Housing Services | Auditing, Reviewing &Testing Cyber Risks | Datacenter Colocation Services | Computer Training| Leadership Development