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About our company

At Atawa Technologies we are open to C2C and various mutually beneficial relationships where we can collaborate anywhere in the world with individuals, businesses or government. We know technology and bring interdisciplinary experience.

Prof. Alex O. Akpodiete

ICT Services

Atawa Technologies offers network and cybersecurity solutions and services among other ICT services that meet the needs and budget of your organisation so that you can focus on your core business activities with complete confidence in your security posture, level of exposure, and risk.

Training & Certifications

From the essentials to more advanced content, we offer the training and education that you need to develop a more resilient and capable organisation.

We offer on-premises and virtual cybersecurity training for executives, the workforce and development of a career pathway, led by experts, to keep your organisation’s assets current and up to date on skills and evolving threats, with the option of carving a career in cybersecurity and AI.